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A Cheap Desktop Computer is really easy to Attain now

Computer has achieved essential part in our lives and live has changed due to the computer. Now the computer is fulfilling many responsibilities very conveniently. Therefore, we cannot survive without computer. If any person wants to move in the society without difficulty, he has to keep at least one computer at home and office as well. Unluckily, many people cannot afford it so far. They cannot bear the prices of a good condition computer. However, they can find very cheap desktop computers.
One decade before, it had too much expensive. Only affluent people could get it and manage it. Now, promisingly, computer is achievable for every one. The advancement of technology is the basic reason. Thus, computer's prices significantly are going down. Since, computer-processing power is tending every two or three years. With it, economical balance is demanding a delicate stability. Consequently, more order - extra supply is the main reason of lower prices. For this reason, computer prices are decreasing day by day. Accordingly, every person can get cheap desktop computers very easily.

We can get a computer very reasonable price from repair stores. These second hand computers have very good strength. We can make it more useful after the some changes. When we buy a second hand computer, we should be careful. First, we should check it very cautiously then we buy it. Although, the new cheap desktop computers are available in the markets, getting the good quality cheap desktop computer is a difficult task. We should aware about the desktop computer's hardware. Therefore, we have to know about the RAM, hardware, operating system etc. After that, we can purchase a top quality desktop computer.

Moreover, cheap desktop computers are not handy. We cannot hold and move it easily. Nevertheless, it is ideal for home. Because, cheap desktop computers not only do work on small project but also cheap desktop computers give a very better look to the room.

Furthermore, if any one wants to get quit new cheap desktop computer, he should get contact only some manufacture companies. These manufacture companies are trustable for instance, HP, DELL, etc. Hence, many people are making computer themselves and give any name to there computers. Therefore, if we need to buy cheap desktop computers, we should go towards only trust worthy names. These companies can supply us very reliable high-speed cheap desktop computers.

Most cheap desktop computers have fully equipped with a LAN card, optical device, RAM, hard drive, an operating system and a motherboard. Usually, windows XP are used in the cheap desktop computers.

Therefore, these cheap desktop computers can carry out different task. We can solve many problems and get benefits by them. We can run a lot of software on it. No doubt, these softwares can make speed very slow. Heavy software makes speed slow. Then, we should choose light software. Light software can provide the similar job. So, we should ignore the heavy software. For instance, heavy games, video editing and graphics design and choose the light software.

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About various Computer hardware components

A computer is nowadays used in every facet of our daily lives from business to personal communication. Although computer is a complex system built by assembling several components, having some knowledge related to these components can help in upgrading it easily. Each component has certain role in a PC that can be either internal or peripheral devices connected directly to the computer.

Basically hardware components are devices designed for a specific purpose like inputting data or outputting data. Computer hardware components include monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, speakers, memory modules and external storage devices.


The monitor is display of computer because all the pictures and videos are seen there. Earlier computer monitors were used as glass tube referred to CRT but new models incorporates flat screen or LCD screen to protect eyes from harmful radiations and display a crisper image.


The keyboard is an input device used to send input data to the computer. It can be connected to a computer by old style serial connection or newer version USB connector. Keyboard performs more than just providing a way to type data as it can also control audio and video such as DVD player.


The mouse is a standard component used mostly in a computer. A mouse is typically plugged in a computer's USB port for easy working. A mouse has left, right and center wheel for easy navigation on the monitor. The center wheel is ascetically used to scroll pages up and down that can be documents or web pages.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The Central processing unit is a brain of a computer. This computer hardware component performs all calculations and operations. It is dependable on the frequency of CPU as high it is, more powerful it will work. A powerful CPU can handle many tasks simultaneously and that too in quick process.


Memory is an internal component that connects with motherboard in slots. It comes in different sizes that can range from 512 MB to 16 GB and much more ahead in super computers. Mostly there are two slots in the computer motherboard for adding or upgrading the memory of a computer. It pose a great impact on the performance thus for smooth and fast applications every computer must get upgraded after some passage of time.

Hard Disk Drive

The hard disk drive is a storage component of a computer. It can store all data including files, documents, movies, games, pictures and many more. These disks come in various storage spaces and at a time multiple hard disks can be fitted if necessary.

Video Card

The video card is also known as graphics card to process images, videos, Games and much more that is displayed on the screen. Graphic cards are essential components for a computer that demands high graphics processing power like in gaming or video editing.

Sound Card

A sound card is necessary if there is necessity of sound output from the computer. It can be either separate components or can be directly integrated on motherboard.

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Friday, 30 May 2014

Advantages of shopping from an online computer store

Everyone needs a computer these days be it for office work, personal work or simply for entertainment to watch movies, play games and chat with friends. With so many computers of various brands, designs and specifications flooding the market, it could be very confusing for a new buyer to decide which particular brand or model they should buy to suit their requirements and their lifestyle. In such circumstances the best option is to look for an online computer store that is well reputed to provide a good selection of computers and accessories to suit every taste and budget.
It's very important to check how reputable the dealer is and how knowledgeable he is about computers and the latest models and updates that have been introduced to the market.  The chosen online computer store should also be able to tell the buyer about the security software installed in the computer and what they feel will be importance to you in your daily work or entertainment aspects. When buying   computers from a computer accessories store, you have to ensure the legality of the software they provide, whether they give a warranty and the quality of the after sales support they offer.

Its also worthwhile finding out whether the store is willing to repair your computer or provide you with parts in case some problem occurs.  Before placing the order for a new computer or for some accessories you require from a computer accessories store, you must also check delivery charges and how much you will have to pay in case you have to return the computer or accessories if it's not what you expected.  

One thing you should never fail to do when shopping online is to look for sites that offer special discounts and promotions from time to time so that you can buy whatever you require in the way of computers or software for bargain prices. To do this, you will have to do a lot of surfing of the internet and make several comparisons of prices offered in different online computer store.  You can also request information from a search engine by asking it to provide you with links to different types of stores.  

When searching for an online computer store, you should also read reviews posted by customers that have bought computers and accessories from specific stores to see what they have to say about that particular store. There might be a few disgruntled customers as always who will never be satisfied, but if on the whole a majority of the customers are satisfied with the items they purchased and the customer support they received, you can go ahead and place your order with that particular store.

Another advantage of shopping from an online computer store  is that you get to see the full range of computer brands and models any store has in its stock, unlike in a high street store that will not have enough space in its brick and mortar store to displays everything  they have. You can also read descriptions, shipping details and reviews and decide which particular computer is best for your needs before placing the order.

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Online Computer Store For Your Convenience

People usually purchase different kinds of software programs and computer equipment from a local computer store because they are able to find a huge range of software programs and computer equipment in these stores. One can enjoy a number of benefits while making a purchase from a computer store but an inherent disadvantage in this case is that the buyer has to pay an extra amount in the form of markup to the seller. There is a wide range of computer equipment and software programs available online and one can purchase any of these items from an online computer store with great convenience and ease.
There are many websites that enable the buyers to search for the required software programs for the computer. One can also make comparison of different options and prices with the help of these websites. With the help of an online computer store, you can purchase the best quality computer software programs. A virtual computer store also helps the user to get attractive price deals for a variety of computer software programs. A buyer can benefit from different bundle offers available at any virtual computer store by purchasing the hardware and software programs available there. If you purchase a computer software program and the hardware or accessories at the same time, then you will get many discounts from these online stores.

You can also save money by making an online account on a website or a virtual computer store as they will send you different updates and alerts through emails and RSS feeds whenever they offer some special deals. The only disadvantage in this case is that your inbox will be overloaded with such updates and alerts if you do not delete them on regular basis.

The teachers and students greatly benefit from the special offers available at an online computer store. Many software dealers offer the complete versions of different software programs at very low prices for the college  and high school teachers and students. At times they offer 25% reduced price for the students and teachers. There are many reasons for such practice; the most important is introducing the software program to the future professionals, secondly they get tax cuts for supporting the noble cause of education and thirdly it is very helpful in promoting the company in the most effective manner.

If you are in search of the best price deals, you can check out a large online computer store. These stores usually offer attractive price deals on the older software versions after the launch of new versions in the market. The personal users and the small business users can greatly benefit from the purchase of older versions from an online computer store as they are available at a lower rate. In fact there are usually no considerable differences in the features of older and newer versions so there is not much need to spend extra money for the purchase of newer software versions. In this way you don't have to ask anyone to teach you to operate the software program. Mostly there are many bugs in the new versions of any software program. Anyone can purchase a software program from a virtual computer store very conveniently according to the needs.

These links can help you to find the most useful and reasonably priced software programs in accordance with your requirements.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Benefits of an Online Computer Store

online computer store you are going to find that it is just one more way to be able to save money and shop without going to the store. A computer store that is online can give you the same products that you are looking for but usually at a lower cost than if you were to leave your home and go shopping.
One of the biggest things that we shop for are accessories and additions for our computers. When looking at an online computer store you will find that you will be able to get carrying cases, routers and even Wi-Fi adapters as well. They are all going to be priced the same if not lower than what you would find at the store. But, when you shop at a computer store that is on the web, you do not need to leave your home and you may find that the savings is greater than if you waited for a sale at your favorite store.

Of course at some point and time we look for a new desktop or laptop computer and by doing a little research online you will be able to find just what you are looking for. All you need to do is check out a few reviews of a certain product and you can make an informed decision. Even when you are shopping for notebooks you will find that a computer store on the internet will be able to offer you just what you need. The online computer store may even have it for a lower cost.

Naturally there are things that you are going to need in order to accessorize your computer such as printers and the ink to go with them, wireless cards and maybe even an Ethernet extender. All of this can be found with an online computer store as well. There is no need to go from store to store hoping that you will find what you need at a reasonable price. By simply jumping online you will be able to shop the computer store and find all that you need and maybe even a few things that you want.

Shopping online can make things much easier and more convenient today. Why stand in long lines during the holidays or wait for that special item you have been looking for to be in stock. By taking the few minutes to shop at a computer tore online you are going to be able to find what you need and not waste your day making it happen. An online computer store will give you all that you need from computers to software to even home theater systems as well. It is all right at your fingertips and a few clicks of your mouse. Nothing could be easier.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Reasons for Buying Computers from Online Computer Stores

Over recent years the number of online computer stores taking up Web space really has escalated, showing a clear need for their internet presence and recognition from customers as to how important these computer stores are to potential clientele. When you consider that there is invariably at least one computer in every home in the modern world, with often one computer per person nowadays rather than one per family.
This does not even take into account the requirements from the business communities from around the world – proving exactly how big the electronics' sector really is. The burgeoning growth in online computer stores is certainly not going to take away much, if any, business from the high street computer stores.

Internet Technology Simplifies Comparing the Market

Whether you prefer to buy Dell, Toshiba or LG, to ensure you finally settle upon the technology that best suits your purpose you would be sensible to undertake a fairly comprehensive research comparison. Even though the price of computers have come down quite dramatically over recent years, the technology that goes into the latest equipment means that you are still parting with reasonably substantial amounts of money for a computer so, you want to get it right. Certainly, using an online computer store to search for the most appropriate computer for your needs makes perfect sense.

Competition Leads to Competitive Prices

 Despite the burgeoning increase in website sales, there are now a considerable number of online computer stores, all within such close proximity that each are vying for your custom. Consequently, prices are always going to be competitive. Furthermore, due to the vast amount of competition between online computer stores, discounts and special offers are likely to be widely available in order to attract prospective customers' attention. For similar reasons, online computer stores are likely to provide free delivery on products purchased and even the possibility of cash on delivery if that option is likely to secure a sale.

Do You Know What You Are Buying?

Even in this age of wide computer ownership, there are many people with just a hazy understanding of actual meanings of many technologically-used terminology. In fact, even many quite straightforward terms are perplexing to some people. Consequently, making use of an online computer store does make sense: anything you don't understand and need explaining you can do easily and anonymously by emailing the online computer store. You will get a reply quite quickly, explaining what you need to know.

Tower Sizes

As an example, many prospective customers may not realise that there are different tower sizes: instead of a single, full-size tower it is now possible to purchase a mini-tower or a midi-tower, either or which are going to save on space. However, what the customer might not know is that the type of motherboard is dependent on the size of the tower. Furthermore, the number of drives are also dependent on the tower size as well.

For a tower to operate you need to include the basic components of motherboard, CPU, power supply, memory, video and sound within the casing. Hard drive is usually included as well. Any reputable online computer store will stock each one of these items, including the empty tower casing so that you can build your own computer if you choose to. Additional components include keyboard, speakers, mouse, ROM drives, and monitor, all of which can also be bought from online computer stores whereas, due to limited space, quite often you would have to order a component from a high street computer store and wait for it to arrive in stock. This often means a separate trip to the store, often involving getting the car out and using additional petrol whereas the online computer stores deliver the goods you order direct to your door.

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How to Choose the Best Computer Store

It is easy to express the opinion that you could, if pushed, live without the computer technology that has invaded our lives over the past two decades or so: this would be a difficult concept to put into practice, however. So much of our lives nowadays are totally reliant on computer technology, both directly and indirectly, that you would find it almost impossible now to relegate the computer age into nothing of importance. From traffic lights to the Intensive Care Units in hospitals around the country, practically everything has become dependent on this electronic technology.

Rapid Dispatch and Delivery

As with all technology built from an intricacy of many parts, at some time or another, things can go wrong, resulting in the technology we are so dependent on, failing. Failing computers have become a source of major stress for many of us so, when things do go wrong, it is important that they get fixed as quickly as possible. This is where the online computer store really comes into its own, with its ‘open-all-hours' concept and the rapid dispatch and delivery of items ordered through online computer stores.

How Do You Choose the Best Computer Store?

There are now so many computer stores online that it is very difficult to choose any one that is better than its competitor. Most online stores provide much the same products, whether that is motherboards or microprocessors, memory devices or multimedia projectors, or something as basic as a replacement USB adapter or simply a new pen drive.

Computers do go wrong, some quite regularly if mishandled one way or another. So, one way to choose a good computer store is to find one that stocks a wide supply of parts to replace those from all the major brand names. Another way of ensuring you pick the best in online stores is to check whether the computer store of your choice is offering a warranty on parts or a guarantee on the products you want to buy.
Another reason to choose a particular computer store is to take advantage of good deals that regularly appear on offer as well as additional discounts from time to time. We all like to save money and, obtaining a good deal on products you need to buy is always a good incentive to patronize a particular computer store, whether that is an online computer store or a computer store that you physically walk into.

All Products are Brand New

Another point of information: all the products sold by online computer stores are brand new products, obtained direct from wholesale sources if not from the manufacturers themselves. Products sold on these online computer store websites are certainly not new-to-you, as in unused secondhand items. If that is what you are expecting then an online computer store is certainly not the place to find such items.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How to Prevent Computer Virus Attack

How to Prevent Computer Virus Attack - computer is an important tool for us as search for information on the Internet, but over time our computer virus attack causing bad impact.

Virus is a malicious program that created intentionally by one who intends to take, view, modify, and even destroy data that could harm users in the attack. Usually the virus even appear on the OS (Operating System) Windows, because Windows has a security cavity width. This further adds to the interest a few people to make a virus that is used to undermine the windows through the lack of security.

How to prevent and avoid your computer from virus attacks:

1. Installing anti-virus and update it periodically, over the months because the virus will be growing and diverse.
2. Computer scanning routine every day to minimize the entry of virus on your computer 
3. If the computer you're connected to the internet, please turn on the firewall for your computer. The firewall itself is useful to counteract all the malicious files that can be entered on your computer especially via the internet.
4. Do not carelessly open suspicious files because the files may carry virus that will attack your computer. To minimize and avoid doing scanning on the file.
5. Always scanning new files downloaded from the internet.
6. Turn off Automatic Autorun CD
How to open Regedit, select HKEY_CURRENT _USER --Software --Microsoft --Windows--CurrentVersion --Policies --Explorer.
Find the item named NoDriveTypeAutoRun. Right-click, select Modify, and then change the value / values ​​that exist into b5, and then press OK.

If there is no item NoDrive TypeAutoRun, right-click on an empty area on the Explorer key and select New, and select DWORD value. After the DWORD key appears, change its name to the NoDriveTypeAutoRun. After that, double-click the new DWORD earlier, and fill b5 in Hexadecimal option, then press OK. 

That's how to protect your computer from virus attacks, hopefully this article useful.
Read also Tips and Tricks to increase your computer speed.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Tips and Tricks to increase your computer speed

Tips and Tricks to increase your computer speed - performance laptops and desktop computer at first rapid and stable to perform various activities, over time we use the computer time becomes slower.

The slow laptop is mostly caused by user error, but take it easy here you will find the way to speed up computer performance. These tips are easy and simple.

Tips and Tricks to increase your computer speed

1. Adjust the use of computer software to the specification. Some software such as games and 3D rendering software requires certain specifications to be able to run it perfectly. Errors in selecting the type of software has negative impact on the performance of the computer.

2. Reduce use desktop widget display unnecessary. Do not use the themes that can be incriminating computer computer performance, especially the performance of components of RAM, CPU and VGA computer.

3. Remove unused programs. Remove unused programs because it will take the resource on disk or in RAM.

4. Accelerate startup by turning off unnecessary programs. Steps are Go to Start => Run => Type msconfig => On the Startup tab, Clear unnecessary programs cecklist => Restart your computer.

5. Disk Cleane Up.

How To Disk Clean Up - Click Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Clean Up then a small window will appear to select the hard drive partition which we want to Clean Up. (SELECT Drive: C) Then click OK - Then a new window will appear again - Provide a check on the part you want to Clean Up

6. Disk Defragment.

How To Disk Defragment - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Choose Disk Defragmenter Hard drive you wish to defrag and then click Defragment disk.

That's six ways to speed up computer, hopefully this article can help you solve your computer problems.

Defragment Disk
Disk Clean Up
Disk Clean Up