Monday, 26 May 2014

Tips and Tricks to increase your computer speed

Tips and Tricks to increase your computer speed - performance laptops and desktop computer at first rapid and stable to perform various activities, over time we use the computer time becomes slower.

The slow laptop is mostly caused by user error, but take it easy here you will find the way to speed up computer performance. These tips are easy and simple.

Tips and Tricks to increase your computer speed

1. Adjust the use of computer software to the specification. Some software such as games and 3D rendering software requires certain specifications to be able to run it perfectly. Errors in selecting the type of software has negative impact on the performance of the computer.

2. Reduce use desktop widget display unnecessary. Do not use the themes that can be incriminating computer computer performance, especially the performance of components of RAM, CPU and VGA computer.

3. Remove unused programs. Remove unused programs because it will take the resource on disk or in RAM.

4. Accelerate startup by turning off unnecessary programs. Steps are Go to Start => Run => Type msconfig => On the Startup tab, Clear unnecessary programs cecklist => Restart your computer.

5. Disk Cleane Up.

How To Disk Clean Up - Click Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Clean Up then a small window will appear to select the hard drive partition which we want to Clean Up. (SELECT Drive: C) Then click OK - Then a new window will appear again - Provide a check on the part you want to Clean Up

6. Disk Defragment.

How To Disk Defragment - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Choose Disk Defragmenter Hard drive you wish to defrag and then click Defragment disk.

That's six ways to speed up computer, hopefully this article can help you solve your computer problems.

Defragment Disk
Disk Clean Up
Disk Clean Up

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